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Out from the Grey

While there is not an ounce of doubt with what Degas once said “Painting is easy when you Don’t know how, but very difficult when you do”, we, as lawyers, also bound to agree that "ignorance of law is not an excuse". 


Art Law India, as the name suggests, is aiming to converge two of the most essential aspects of human civilization… Art and Law. Our team of lawyers, artists, interns and law students, are creating and curating a knowledge database, which would immensely help not just the stakeholders, but also all our readers, who have keen interest in these domains.

Our blogs primarily focus on the following broad categories:

  • Understanding artists, art forms and art business. 

  • Art Laws

  • Art as an investment. 

  • Art Trade.

  • Art Crimes.

You can be part of Art Law India as well. Write to us for publishing your original content.


Let's create together!

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